What is Referi®?

Referi® is an application for smartphones and tablets dedicated to amateurs and semi-professionals of sport. It can be associated with one or more Bluetooth® ReTouch buttons through which players or a referee can update the score on the phone display or on an external screen.

What is Referi® used for?

Some sports, such as Tennis, Padel and Table Tennis (Ping Pong) have a scoring system that at some stages of the game is particularly complex and difficult to remember. Referi® makes it simple and intuitive: the advancement of the score, done manually on the App or remotely via ReTouch buttons, is clearly displayed on the screen and signaled by sound or voice. As well as change of ends, service changes, tennis TieBreaks, etc.

How can use my Referi® system at its best?

The ideal use, whether in Padel or Ping Pong, is obtained by installing the application on a tablet that will be placed at the edge of the court, near the net, so that it is clearly visible to all players. In Tennis, given the longer distances, an external Bluetooth® speaker, available on the Referi® store, allows you to clearly hear the score calls even outdoors.

Can I use Referi® for other sports besides Tennis, Padel and Table Tennis?

We have big plans for Referi®. Certainly one of the first updates we will make will be the integration of sports such as Volleyball, Basketball and all sports characterized by a complex scoring system.

How does the Bluetooth® ReTouch button work?

The ReTouch button is a compact and lightweight controller, 30 mm in diameter by 8.5 high, weighing 8 grams, programmed to send three types of signals at a maximum distance of 30 meters.

Please note: the buttons are not waterproof. If they are exposed to water, they will not be replaced under warranty.

  • one click (point assignment to player/team A or B, if using two buttons)
  • two clicks (to hear again the last score)
  • “hold” for 2 seconds (cancellation and correction of last action) 

How to use the ReTouch bluetooth buttons

What battery does the ReTouch button have and how long does it last?

The ReTouch button is powered by a common “lens” battery, which is readily available and replaceable. On average, under regular use, the battery lasts more than 2 years. The battery model is “CR 2032”.

Attention: in some cases, the contact strips between the button battery and the electronics of the same could oxidize or not hold the battery well in position.

How to change the battery of a ReTouch button

  • See this short video
  • Remove the button from the metal clip
  • Remove the silicon paper protection from the back of the button (exposes the adhesive part: it is a removable adhesive which, if dirty, can be renewed with a damp microfiber rag)
  • ATTENTION: do not throw away the adhesive protection that will need to be repositioned at the end of the procedure.
  • Attach the button to a smooth, clean, laminate-like surface.
  • Turn the top of the button about a quarter of a turn counterclockwise. This separates the two parts
  • Replace the battery with a good quality model
  • Place the upper part of the button on the glued part and carry out about a quarter of a turn clockwise, until the two parts become integral.
  • With your fingernail, separate the button from the surface on which it was glued and reposition the silicone protection.

Does the ReTouch button come with a wristband?

No. The Referi® ReTouch button comes with a clip for attaching it to clothing and a repositionable adhesive for attaching it to smooth surfaces (such as the clear walls of Padel courts or the edge of ping-pong tables. The ReBand wristband, to wear the ReTouch button on your wrist, can be purchased separately at the Referi® store.

When I try to pair the ReTouch button, the message “On this device, Bluetooth appears to be disabled or unsupported!” appears on my Referi® app. How can I fix this problem?

First, check on the settings of your device (smartphone or tablet) that Bluetooth® is on. If so, your operating system version may not be supported by Referi®.

The application no longer responds to my ReTouch button

Each button can be paired with only one device and if you have 2 devices, before pairing, make sure that the Referi App on the other device is not open. When using 2 buttons, the switch “use only one button …” in the App button settings must be turned off.

It should also be noted that, in general, there is a maximum number of Bluetooth devices (buttons, speakers, etc) that can be paired with a device. We recommend that you limit this number to 6.

The recommended procedure, if a button no longer seems to work, is to delete it and redo the bluetooth pairing:

  • In “Buttons setting”, press the white circle of the button you want to delete
  • In the window press “Delete” (here you can also see the battery charge status)
  • It is also advisable to cancel the pairing also in the Bluetooth settings of the mobile phone.
  • Redo the pairing with the “+” button

Do I need two buttons to use Referi® or is one enough?

Referi® can also be used with only one ReTouch button, but with some limitations: with one button for each player or team (in double) it will be easier to control the progress of the score, since everyone will be responsible for his own.

How do I use Referi with theRePlay scoreboard?

What languages are available in Referi®?

At the moment the application can be used in Italian and English. The score can be spoken in Italian, English, Spanish, French and Portuguese.

What are the minimum operating system requirements to use Referi® on my smartphone or tablet?

iOS 12 and above

Android 7 and above (Galaxy Tab A, Samsung, etc.)

How can I move my subscription from iOS to Android or vice versa?

You’ll need to cancel your current subscription on the old platform, wait until it’s over, and re-subscribe on the new one.

Why is it that when starting Referi® on Android, I am asked to authorize localization?

This is due to a requirement of the Android platform to search for Bluetooth® Low Energy devices. This does not happen with iOS. In any case, Referi® does not use the location of your device.

Can I use Referi® with a PC or Mac?

Currently Referi® is only usable with iOS and Android. If you own or manage a club and would like to display the Referi® smart board on a large format screen (TV, monitor, smart TV) please contact us to learn about all the “mirroring” or cable connection options we can offer you.

If you are interested in a version of Referi® for OSX or Windows, please contact us.