1. Referi Version 1.2.6: install the RePlay scoreboard
  2. Before you can definitively position and use your RePlay scoreboard, you need to make some settings:
  3. Place the RePlay in an area where WiFi is available
    • Wifi is REQUIRED to register RePlay. However, we recommend that you also provide the playing court with good network coverage: in this way you and your players can fully manage the matches with your mobile phone/tablet.
    • The “WiFi extenders” are antennas, available on Amazon at very affordable prices, which allow you to extend your WiFi to all playing courts
    • You can also use RePlay on a court where WiFi is not available (not recommended). But in this way it will be possible to start and stop a match ONLY with the BlueTooth buttons, losing the various possibilities offered by our App.
  4. connect the RePlay to the monitor/TV with the HDMI cable and connect the power supply.
  5. wait a few seconds and the pre-installed Referi application will start
    • (note: to make any updates, you will need to download “Referi” from the Google Play Store of RePlay)
  6. Connect the RePlay to the wifi network, in order to be able to register:
    • press the “Home” button on the infrared remote control
    • from the start screen, press the down arrow on the remote control to go to “settings” (gear icon)
    • select “Network and Internet” and connect to your WiFi network
  7. Return to the Referi screen for choosing the language and make your selection, then confirming the permissions (note: the remote control has a “mouse” button).
  8. On your mobile:
    • Install Referi on your mobile phone and register as “Club”
    • On the “Club Account” screen, choose “Set Up RePlay” and follow the instructions.
  9. Button pairing. Please note:
    • do not paire the Bluetooth buttons to your mobile phone. ReTouch buttons can be paired only to one device at a time
    • Attention!: it is very important to manually confirm any pairing request from the operating system: with the remote control. Or with a mouse, or with AnyDesk from your computer.
  10. Note: the “AnyDesk” remote control software is installed on RePlay and starts automatically. Alternatively you can then register RePlay by connecting from your computer
    • Take note of the IP number visible on RePlay, at the bottom right of the language selection screen.
    • Instal the app “AnyDesk” on your computer (Mac or PC)
    • Enter the RePlay number on the computer, connect, enter the password “referi00” and use AnyDesk for complete remote control of RePlay.
  11. You’re almost done: with the remote control, press the power button to turn off the RePlay
  12. Finally install the RePlay scoreboard.
    • Plug the RePlay into its final position, connected to the TV, but ensuring it is ‘in sight’ and as close to the court as possible.
    • The Bluetooth buttons have a theoretical range of 30 meters. But it is important that there are as few obstacles as possible between RePlay and the buttons
    • RePlay must NOT be placed behind or attached to the TV, which is a source of interference. Leave 5-10 cm distance between the TV and RePlay
    • Warning: TVs “may” be hit by players’ balls. I therefore advise you to place it behind glass, behind the metal grill or at least at a certain distance from the court
  13. turn the RePlay back on
  14. wait a few seconds and the Referi application will be started
  15. You can start playing with RePlay in one of the following ways:
    • With a double click on a Bluetooth button
    • From your mobile, scanning the QRcode (for players) or from “Replay Control” (reserved for the manager)
    • Using AnyDesk from your computer
  16. For further info on Referi, see our FAQ