Take the best of the game with you.

Discover Referi® features specifically designed for your sport.

You won’t miss a winner. Nor an emotion.

Remembering the score, during a tennis or padel game, isn't always easy. Referi® does it for you.

It's an APP so simple and intuitive that all you have to do is choose the sport (tennis, padel or table tennis) and set the players' names at the beginning of the match.

Referi® shows you the updated score in real time on the display of your tablet or smartphone, while the voice of the virtual referee announces it and reminds you of court changes, serve rounds and more.

With Referi®, the APP designed by the players for the players, it will be like playing on center court all the time, with your own scoreboard and chair umpire.

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The game is in your hands. Control it with a finger.

With the Referi® APP, the game is truly in your hands: you can also control it directly from your smartphone or tablet, but that would force you to stop the game often.

That's why we've devised a simple, ingenious system to give you complete control, without ever losing sight of the action.

Referi® PRO Bluetooth® controllers are lightweight, durable buttons with an extra-long battery life. Thanks to a sturdy clip, you can wear them on your shirt. Every time you make a winner, just click the button and your score goes up. And if you make a mistake? No problem: a long press cancels the point.

How does it work

Change the rules of the game. in 5 steps.

The best ideas are always the simplest. Referi® transforms the gaming experience from the first rally, but the good news is that it is intuitive, accessible and above all very easy to set up:


Download the Referi® APP for free.


Paire the bluetooth® ReTouch buttons following the instructions in the APP.


Select the sport and type of match and enter the name of the players.


With each click, the score is updated, also announced by the Referi® virtual umpire's voice.


If your club has a RePlay system, project your Referi® APP on the court screen, or buy a ReSound bluetooth® speaker and always carry it with you.

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Take the game to the PRO level. Even in your Club.

Con il tabellone intelligente e l’arbitro virtuale di Referi®, la tua esperienza di gioco cambia fin dal primo 15.

Ma per renderla ancor più divertente e appassionante, puoi accoppiare il tuo smartphone ad uno schermo esterno, via cavo o WI-FI. Referi®, infatti, è dotato di funzione “screen mirroring”.

Chiedi al tuo circolo di predisporre un schermo TV sul campo migliore!

With Referi®'s intelligent scoreboard and virtual referee, your gaming experience changes from the very first 15.

But to make it even more fun and exciting, you can pair your smartphone to an external screen, via cable or WI-FI. Referi®, in fact, is equipped with a "screen mirroring" function.

Ask your club to set up a TV screen on the best field!

More information

Game, Set and Smart.

Smart Scoreboard
Referi® shows players’ names, score and order of service.
Virtual umpire
The Referi® virtual umpire announces score, change of ends, serving and receiving players and players’ position during TieBreaks.
Referi® can be used for tennis, padel and table tennis.
Advanced settings
Referi® is the smart APP that suits various sports and match formats, in singles and doubles. Coin Launch, Tie Break, Short Game, Deciding Point are just a few of the functions that can be programmed before the match.
Bluetooth® button
The Referi® ReTouch buttons are equipped with clips to be worn during the game. Each click corresponds to a 15 in favor of the player to whom the button is associated. A prolonged pressure allows to cancel the last 15 in case of error.
Screen mirroring
The scoreboard and the voice of the Virtual Umpire can be transmitted using WiFi to monitors and Smart TVs: it will be like playing on the Central Court.
Statistics archive
Referi® keeps scores and stats of each match. Whether it is used to draw up the ranking of a tournament or to share a great performance on social networks.

Download the Referi® APP for free

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