Padel has never been so smart.

APP + Button. Never forget a point again.

One click on the ReTouch Bluetooth® button is all it takes to update the score on your smartphone.

Just think about the ball. The voice assistant takes care of the rest.

No need to look at your smartphone display: the voice assistant announces the score, the order of service, court changes and more, so you can stay focused on the game.

Customize your game with advanced settings.

Coin toss

You can toss a virtual coin to decide who gets to choose the side of the field.

Tie Break

Tie Break at each SET Tie Break at 7 in place of the Final Set.

Short Game

It only counts the number of games won. NO Sets, NO Tiebreaks, NO Advantage.

Deciding Point

Play without "ADVANTAGES." At the draw the winner is whoever makes the first deciding point.

Play offense. Attack ReTouch wherever you want.

Referi® ReTouch Bluetooth® buttons come with a repositionable double-sided adhesive that will allow you to place them wherever you want, or wear them with the sturdy clip or ReBand wristband (purchased separately).

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